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Newark E-Z Riders

Snowmobile Club

December 10, 2021

The Newark E-Z Riders Snowmobile Club received a P.A.S.S. grant in the amount of $3,000 from Ski-Doo this fall to improve trails on the Newark E-Z Riders trail system. Much of the work has already been completed by Gervais Construction including 114S between Rosebrook Hill and Ming's as well as work on the Henshaw Trail. Both these areas had extensive areas of erosion, rocks, and boulders which were removed to provide a much safer and smoother grooming and riding experience.

We can't thank Ski-Doo enough for their support of snowmobiling and the Newark E-Z Riders club.

Thank you Ski-Doo!!! 

#SkiDooPASS #ThatSkiDooFeeling @SkiDoo